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Frequently Asked Questions

Usage & Troubleshooting

How to activate the O2 SIM Card?
You can simply activate the SIM Card by inserting it into your smartphone (or any other internet-ready device). After that, turn on your device and the SIM Card is automatically activated.
What countries are covered in the EU with the O2 Go Card?
All countries in the European Union are covered with this SIM Card. For the full list of country coverage, please see below:

Austria, Azores (Portugal), Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands (Spain), Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar (Great Britain), Greece, Guadeloupe (France), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira (Portugal), Malta, Martinique (France), Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion (France), Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Vatican (Italy)

How much credit is included?
With the purchase of the O2 Go Card, you will receive an additional 150CZK (US$6.40) credit that you can use for Calls & SMS. Please see the Call & SMS rates below:
  • Calls to all networks and landlines: 4.9CZK/min (US$0.21)
  • SMS to all networks: 1.9CZK/SMS (US$0.08)
  • After topping-up 300CZK (US$13): Unlimited calls to O2 and landlines

The full price list is available here.
How do I get free calls to the O2 network and landlines?
Once you top-up 300CZK (US$13) or purchase a data package, you will be able to make free calls to the O2 network and landlines.

You can top-up or purchase data packages for your O2 Go Card here:
In which countries can I make free calls to the O2 network and landlines?
You can make free calls to the O2 Network and landlines in all countries within the European Union. For the full list, please see above “What countries are covered in the EU with the O2 Go Card?”.
Is tethering allowed?
Yes, tethering is allowed with the SIM Card.
What are the APN settings?
Your O2 SIM Card is activated immediately after you insert it into your phone. Please do not forget to activate your data roaming on your phone.If the APN settings are not automatically set by your device, please enter the following APN settings:
Access Point Name (or APN): Internet
Is top up possible? If yes how can I pay? International credit cards/ PayPal accepted?
There are various top-up packages available for the O2 Go Card.

If you have credit available, you can simply enter one of the following shortcodes to activate a new data package:
  • 500MB: INTERNET to 999 111
  • 400MB: PR DATA 3 to 999 111
  • 1.5GB: PR DATA 4 to 999 111
  • 5GB: PR DATA 5 to 999 111

As an alternative, you can top-up new credit or purchase data packages for your O2 Go Card here:

International credit cards and PayPal are accepted for all EU-Citizens from anywhere in the EU. For Non-EU Citizens, top-up is only available within the Czech Republic
What are the top up packages?
Please login at to see all available top-up packages.
How long is my O2 SIM Card valid?
The SIM Card is valid for 12 months.
Does a top-up extend the credit/ SIM Card validity? If yes for how long?
Yes, a top-up will extend both the credit validity and SIM Card validity. The SIM Card extends its validity for 12 months since the latest top-up. The credit validity depends on the value of the top-up package. Please see the table below:
Recharged AmountCredit Validity
0 - 499 CZK6 months
500 CZK12 months
What happens if I still have some credit left over from my initial credit when I top up?
A top-up will extend the credit validity. When the validity period runs, the remaining credit expires and in that case O2 does not pay out any compensation.

Note: Once an existing data package expires, the unused portion of the data volume is not converted into the new packages.
How can I know how much data / credit I have left?
You can check your credit status anytime for free - just type in the code *104*# and press the call button.

If you want to check for uncharged services as well as the cost of your last call, simply type in the code *104*1#. Information is available 15 minutes after the last activity.